TRI-USA products are protected by patents and trademarks in the United States and in other countries around the world. We carry over 50 patents to date. 
Dual smart scale 11,391,620
 Pre-roll filling device with integrated scale 11,382,351
 Electronic grinder 11,278,154
 Smart grinder 11,191,296
 Electronic grinder 11,172,785
 Electronic grinder D923,999
 Container with integrated scale 11,053,040
 Electronic grinder 11,051,657
 Electronic grinder D913,032
 Manual grinder 10,912,419
 Electronic grinder D897,757
 Manual grinder D888,510
 Container D882,869
 Container 10,455,984
 Electronic grinder 10,343,175

 Electronic Grinder  CN 209715289U
 Jar-Skale  CN 209715290U
 Jar-Skale  CN 209715296U
 Geared Grinder  CN 209753066U
BLANK CN 209968568U
BLANK CN 305320136S
BLANK  CN 305321815S
BLANK CN 305321816S
BLANK CN 305321817S
BLANK CN 305321818S
BLANK CN 305452105S