About Us


TRI-USA is a pioneering lifestyle brand offering exciting new tobacco-related products to customers across the world. We are the world's first brand that is focused on bringing innovation to the cannabis market with an emphasis on designing elevated ways to enjoy the myriad of benefits that cannabis/CBD presents. 


TRI-USA was established with the foundational purpose of assisting medicinal cannabis users and has flourished into a state-of-the art cannabis lifestyle brand, working with renowned leaders in the industry and holding over 50 worldwide patents. Our fast-growing company was founded by Israeli-born, Benyamin Abehasera. With a noteworthy career in the industry, Benyamin is an experienced inventor, electronics engineer, loving grandpa and cannabis aficionado who has over 35 years of hands-on experience in transforming his ideas into best-selling products

At TRI-Innovations, we take pride in doing our part to help the world move in an innovated direction. With our current line of patents and products, we strive to move industries to new heights. We believe this can be achieved by raising the bar when it comes to creativity and usability. Choosing to take insights from top industry professionals worldwide, we diligently and effectively work on bringing you the pinnacle of quality and design. Our hope is to foster a new generation of inventions that will change the way you look at tradition. We are happy to introduce our entire product line releasing FALL 2022 until FALL 2023.